Meet Dakota!

If you think his photos are cute, you should see him in person. He is adorable, all puppy, through and through. Our best breed guess on this pup is Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever with some Aussie thrown in; a dash of golden (because he is ours), and it is anyone’s guess where that curly tail comes from.  From the tip of his wet, cold nose to his curly, wagging tail, Dakota is just pure love.

Dakota is housetrained, likes his crate as his safe place, does not pull using a gentle leader (all bets are off otherwise), does not bark, is good left home alone in small increments, counter surfs a bit, knows no commands, and has absolutely no recall. During his time in foster care, we were more focused on his health and rehabilitation than manners. While he made great strides in his recovery, it is his emotional progress that makes his foster dad so happy. He has been in foster care since early October, his journey posted on our site in the Recovery Room.

Dakota came to us through rescue partners in Mexico. He had been in the possession of a homeless woman, being carted around in a baby stroller and the target of people throwing rocks. The rescuer convinced this woman to give her Dakota so she could get medical care for him, which is how he ended up with SCGRR. Emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and suffering from blunt trauma which resulted in a break to his front leg, Dakota made a late night border crossing into a loving home that has changed his life, and perspective on people. Initially timid and uncertain (but always so sweet), Dakota’s confidence and trust in humans grew and now he is just like every other rambunctious pup his age…although trash day still remains his personal favorite.

Speaking of trash, this is what we believe his diet consisted of because at sometime in his short life, he ingested a sewing needle. He has never shown any symptoms of distress, we just happened to discover it accidentally during one of his x-ray rechecks for his leg. An ultrasound could not identify how deep the needle is, so our options were to perform exploratory surgery, or wait and watch. Over months of unrestricted exercise (and this boy bounces like a kangaroo), while monitoring his overall demeanor and taking periodic x-rays, the needle has not budged. Based on the fact digging around would be like finding ‘a needle in a haystack’ our vet consulted with two surgeons and the general consensus is to leave it be.

Dakota has come a long way since he arrived. He is gregarious, curious, energetic, and very sweet and has gained 13 lbs! Running and chasing the ball are favorite past-times (although he does not quite have the retrieving part down), and long walks with his foster dad. He has gone from being timid and on alert when meeting other dogs, to being very playful. Dakota and his foster sister get along well (she mostly tolerates his antics) so having access for playtime with other pups would be great for him. He has not shred any of his toys, or has he stolen/destroyed taboo items in the home.

Click here for a glimpse of a typical afternoon for Dakota.  What a transformation!

An active home would be best for Dakota. He would be a great hiking partner as he already puts in a few miles daily. He has not been tested with cats, although he does have a keen interest in the bunnies behind the fence. Dakota is a typical mouthy pup. He likes to chew on hands and arms and nip at the sleeves of your sweatshirt. He is learning this is not okay, but because he is not gentle in this respect, we will not consider homes where children reside full time. We have no idea about water sports but he is a bit of a whiner when it comes to bath time.

If you managed to get this far through his bio, are interested in meeting him, and have completed the required application and home visit, contact and let us know about you and the life you will provide for this very special pup.

Dakota’s ID# is 4563 and his adoption fee is $600