Meet Darling and her new Family!

Darling is the most affectionate little Golden girl, just full of love and tail wags. Her expressive eyes look up into yours with no reserve.

Darling is potty-trained and leaves her human’s belongings intact. Darling is a bit of a leash puller when something interests her. She has a lot of energy. She loves and needs at least 2 nice walks a day. Darling knows “sit” and “paw.” She will “come” (eventually) but usually sooner if some good pets or treats are the reward!

She does bark at dogs she sees on the street (possibly thinking she is protecting her pack). She will chase cats, so a no-cat home is best. Darling is good with kids. Darling does not like to be left alone for too long, so a home where there is human companionship a lot of the time is on her wish-list. Another dog pal that is up for lots of playing (and companionship) is a probable requirement for those times when the humans have to be out of the home.

Darling found her new forever home!