Meet Darsha and her new Family!

Meet Darsha aka Darcy. She is a petite sweet golden mix. Her attitude is all golden and is a real sweet cuddle bug.. She loves playing ball and usually carries a ball in her mouth wherever she goes and is always ready to play. She follows her fosters all around the house. Even though she is young and playful, she calms down nicely and loves chewing on nyla bones. She sleeps all through the night.

She is housebroken,. . Knows the doggy door (learned in one lesson). She is very smart and would do well in an obedience class. She does pulls on the leash when you first start out, then calms down and stays by your side. Rides well in the car. She loves playing with her foster sisters and likes to cuddle with them on their dog beds. She has not met any cats yet so we are not sure how she will react. She wags her tail whenever she sees children. But she is energetic so children over 5 would be best.

Darsha found her new forever home!