Meet David and his new Family!

David (who now answers to Danny) is a sweet 4 to 5 year old boy who just loves people! He approaches a new person with his head down and smiles at them and wags his tail. He is a true people magnet. David has been returned to rescue due to his high prey drive. After much effort, the family regretfully had to give him back, as he was not good with the family cat. So no cats or other little critters for this boy. David is housebroken and has not shown any inclination to harm furniture or rugs or human’s possessions. He will shred stuffed dog toys, though.

Kong toys are a good choice for him! David has boundless energy and would love a large yard to explore and run around in. David will make a little grumbling sound when excited for a treat or dinner or enjoying a good brushing-as if he is purring. David loves car rides and will get in any open door. He also loves tummy rubs and loves when you rub the sides of his face. David is eager to please and very responsive to praise. He does pull on the leash, but does react to correction (at least momentarily). David enjoys being outdoors and loves to go with you on a power walk or some jogging (in cool weather, of course)! He is best on the leash when going faster than slower. David may sometimes be too exuberant for very small children. David does get along with other dogs (for the most part since he has a bit of a dominant streak). This is a great dog for a family with older kids and with lots of time to throw toys for him to chase. He doesn’t always return them, though!

David found his new forever home!