Daxx! – Adopted

Daxx, nee Dakota is the sweetest boy ever. He has so much love to give and just wants to be with his people at all times. Like most Golden’s, he is super velcro and will follow you room to room, no matter what time of day it is. If people are home, he wants to literally be in the middle of the action. He has a decent energy level – he loves to play and wrestle, go on walks, and chase the tennis ball. Once he has had his exercise he is perfectly content to lay by your feet (or on your lap) for a good portion of the day. Being 2 years old, he is still a bit of a puppy – he gets bursts of energy and wants to zoom around and play and wrestle. He definitely needs at least two good outings a day. He also thinks he’s a lapdog and is happy to snuggle up on the bed or the couch. (However if having him on the furniture isn’t your thing, he corrects fairly easily and will lay by your feet.)

As previously mentioned, he loves to be with his people and loves meeting new people. He needs some exposure to meeting new dogs (needs to work on his doggie etiquette) and needs some training with basic commands (sit, stay, down, etc); he tries to jump up and give hugs if you’ve been out of the house for some time, but he is gentle and does correct when you tell him “no.” He is fully potty trained and has good house manners. He is tall enough to counter surf but has not gotten into people food at our house. He has not shown any destructive tendencies – there have been plenty of tempting kid’s toys laying around for him to destroy – but he is content to have his designated stuffed toys and tennis balls. I would see this good behavior continuing as long as he is exercised properly and isn’t left alone for long stretches at a time.

Dakota loves to be brushed – actually, he really loves anything that allows him to be near and especially handled by his people! He has shown an interest in water and he would probably love to have a pool to swim in. He has been really good around the kids he has met. My 16-month-old daughter climbs all over him and is constantly playing with him. He is very tolerant and very gentle with her. However, he is a puppy and doesn’t always know what his body is doing so she has been knocked down a couple times. I would recommend a home with kids who are slightly more stable on their feet and can hold their own when an 80 lb dog runs by or into them! He is extremely gentle and loving, he just doesn’t have his body awareness fully developed. He has been good with the resident cat. He is very curious about her and she has done her job to set the boundaries. He could live with another cat as long as the cat is savvy enough to remind him of his manners. As far as other dogs, I think it could work in the right situation. Dakota is a huge love bug, so the dog would need to be accepting of his attention and having a shadow around 24/7. Like I mentioned, Dakota just wants to be with his people. For this reason, he would do best in a home where someone works from home or is home most of the day. He would not do well if left for long stretches every day. He does love kids, so a family with children would be nice. He’s a big guy and would love a yard to play fetch in or just lounge in the grass. This poor boy has had far too much change for his short two years and he has exhibited some nervousness in new situations. We are looking for consistency and a forever home,who will make time in their lives for him and love him forever.

If you have completed the application process, which includes both your online application AND your in-home interview, and can give him the forever home that he wants, please contact his rep at bodie99@cox.net. At 2 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Daxx is $500.