Dayzee & Leeah! – Adopted

Meet Dayzee (12) & Leeah (7)!

These girls are a true bonded pair which I love to call our Golden Girls! Leeah is 7 and Dayzee is a VERY youthful 12. These girls were relinquished to us by their mommy who adores them but unfortunately ran into some very hard times and knew they deserved more than what she was able to provide at this time.

These girls are extremely sweet, loving, gentle-natured and affectionate. They adore being loved and pet and are very Velcro. They will be your shadow and be wherever you are, especially Leeah. Dayzee loves you but sometimes is happy just to be in the same room as you. Leeah will stick to you like glue. If you are on the couch, she wants to be on the couch and in your lap (she thinks she’s a lap dog!). She also loves sleeping in bed with her human and cuddling.

ey are both well-behaved and gentle. It is very easy to take something out of their mouths when they have something they aren’t supposed to have. Leeah is nervous around new people and may bark but, if she is pet and told that everything is okay, she calms down easily. She is a little more nervous around men or people that are nervous around dogs. Once she trusts you (which she does very quickly usually) then she immediately becomes very affectionate. We feel with time, a little patience and exposure to more people, she will most likely improve with her nervousness.

These girls are moderately active and low to medium energy level, but both do very well for their ages. Dayzee would play fetch all day long if you would let her. Even if she is tired, she will continue to walk to the ball and bring it back to you, so you can throw it again. Leeah will also sometimes get bursts of energy where she wants to run around and play with toys.

Dayzee and Leeah are very loyal and will be your best friends. They will be there to love you, snuggle with you and sleep with you. They absolutely adore being around their humans. Dayzee is good with people right away; she occasionally barks but only out of excitement, while Leeah needs a slower introduction to people but, once she trusts them, she absolutely loves attention from all humans.

The girls are interested in their foster’s cat; however, they just smell her and the cat walks away and that’s the end of that. I think a cat that is used to dogs would be just fine. As for dogs, although, they are very good with other dogs, they are more interested in playing with each other.

Leeah loves to play with stuffed animals and Dayzee is obsessed with tennis balls. They both also love walks. Dayzee pulls a little at first, but then stops. Leeah pulls a moderate amount but responds well to verbal correction (i.e. calling her name or telling her “no”).

They both eat well. Leeah is slightly picky, but Dayzee will eat almost anything! They both beg for food if they see you eating, especially Dayzee. They both have mastered the puppy dog eyes! They do not counter surf and only do some counter sniffing but won’t steal your food. They both also take food fairly gently from you.

They are both house-trained and do well in cars. Leeah loves to sleep in the bed cuddled up to her humans and Dayzee sleeps on the dog bed below them and both sleep like rocks! They know commands; sit, paw, up and down. They are much more responsive to doing them when there is a treat involved. They bark at the door and “scary noises”. We don’t feel training will be needed for this. We would only recommend exposure to new people and places for Leeah and continuing being patient and giving her the confidence with new people.

They enjoy being outside to play; especially Dayzee. They do ok if left alone for short amounts of time with no destructive behavior, but as soon as you walk in the door, they are VERY excited and will not leave your side!

For their forever home, we feel they would do well in a semi-active home. They want people around all the time and they would enjoy a daily walk and Dayzee needs to play fetch every day. Families would be great, as they love people. Teens or older would be best; no younger. They would also prefer to be around people for much of the day, as they get attached VERY quickly.

If you have completed an adoption application with our rescue, have had your in-home interview and feel your home would perfect for the girls, please write to Kris at to let her know how they would fit in your world.

Dayzee & Leeah’s ID: 4680 & 4681

Their adoption fee is: $650