Deedra (or Dee Dee as her fosters call her) was rescued from an LA County Shelter with a urinary tract infection as well as a cough. Despite treatment, this quickly progressed to pneumonia once in foster care and back to the vet she went for 7 days of treatment. Although it was touch and go for a bit, this amazing sweetie pie pulled through and was given the all clear on her recent follow up. She is anxious to finally settle into her forever home without all those vet visits.

Dee Dee’s behavior when you first meet her: she is hand shy and cowers like you might hit her. But after a few days of getting to know you, she relaxes quite a big and greets you with wags and wiggles. She cowers less and less every day, thriving with love and gentle humans. She is a very sweet, loving and Velcro pup – following you wherever you go and just wanting as much love as she can get. She is equally content to sleep next to you in a dog bed or climb right up in bed with you. And she will put her paw on you if you stop touching her.

Dee Dee is great with other dogs and even seems to gain confidence from a calm dog’s presence. She has yet to start playing with other pups but will use her counter surfing skills to help steal dental chews from the pantry if her buddy opens the door. If you have another dog, just be prepared to have some competition for your affection. She is fine with cats. She is housebroken with access to the yard and after a few trips to understand the route out. She rides quietly in the car but until recently really didn’t want to get in (probably thought she was going to yet another vet or strange place poor thing). But now she can be coaxed in without too much trouble. She walks gently on a leash – staying right by your side. Her initial exam notes cite a stiff hind gait which is understandable for a dog of her years. Good nutrition and measured exercise will do wonders for her. Oh and she is discovering the joys of stuff toys.

Dee Dee would do best in a home with constant human companionship and a calm gentle dog buddy for those times when her humans need to leave. If left completely alone, she might howl or bark but another dog seems to sooth her loneliness. She would love to sleep at your feet while you work.

If you have completed your application with SCGRR as well as a home visit and would like to be the love of Dee Dee’s life, please contact Nedra at

At 10 years old Dee Dee’s minimum adoption donation is $300

Deedra’s ID is 4788