Move aside Kirstie Alley and Jessica Simpson, there is a new hottie in town who is slimming down! Meet Delphi. a true “Golden” diamond in the rough.

Please don’t let her age or temporary weight fool you, for she has the perfect amount of energy. Delphi’s human mom was too ill to care for her and Delphi’s former room mate Norma Jean, but she is ready to continue her journey.

Delphi has been a great guest in her foster home. Aside from being a little food territorial, Delphi has adapted perfectly in her new foster home. This sweet redhead loves to keep up with the puppy party along with her 2 Golden foster brothers. Delphi is very true Golden inside and out, in every sense. As she loses weight her beautiful plumes continue to blossom.

She rides great in the car and walks like a lady with a Martingale collar and leash. Cats get her attention, but they don’t seem to be a problem for her. Food is fun for Delphi and she does try to counter surf, however she is not the chow hound that her waistline poses. She has had some potty accidents but it’s only because someone had an accident there before her. She’ going to be fine in that department.

Delphi is a very special girl and will benefit greatly with an active family, both human and canine. She is very eager to please as you may see in her loving eyes. You don’t have to only be a girl for this “diamond” to be your best friend, your love will be enough!