Meet Delyla & Parker and their new Family!

This bonded pair is Delyla and Parker…their parents got a divorce and didn’t want to split us apart, but neither one could take both of them, so they contacted SCGRR and here they are!
Delyla is 6 yrs old and is reddish color and is very sweet. She likes to give you her paw and loves a good belly rub.

Parker is 7 1/2, although he still has a lot of energy…he is big, blonde, and beautiful…he likes to chase the ball and also likes to be pet and rubbed and will be more than happy to cuddle up next to you in the bed if you want.

Both of them like to be around other dogs and are great with kids too… they even can be around cats with no problem. Both do get a little possessive over their toys/ball, but they listen very well when told to be good. They are both housebroken, know how to use the doggie door, and are good off leash and come when they are called.

Delyla & Parker found their new forever home!