Demir – Adopted!

Demir is a happy, beautiful, friendly flat-coated retriever rescued from the forests of Turkey.

You may remember seeing Demir posted previously on this site. He was adopted by a family who had never had a dog before. They later determined they just weren’t cut out to have a big dog in their small home. They continued to say that Demir did not do anything wrong. In fact, he was excellent and very gentle with their young children. So Demir is back to looking for his forever home again. Is that yours?

For those not familiar with flat-coated retrievers, they are sweet and gentle like a golden, but perhaps a bit more forever young. One source referred to them as the “Peter Pan” of dogs as they never grow up. The American Kennel Club Described the Flat Coated Retriever as follows: “Dogdom’s champion tail-waggers, Flat-Coats are among the happiest of all breeds. They mature slowly; some owners say that they never grow up at all, retaining a puppyish taste for rambunctious mischief into old age. This can be either delightful or exasperating, depending on your tolerance for such monkeyshines.

This highly energetic breed requires lots of outdoorsy exercise.” This description fits Demir well. From his first moment in America, he was playing with his toys and rolling with joy on the grass. Nothing seems to make this boy unhappy. His foster family describes him as “smart, obedient, and playful”. He can also be quite calm and seems to embrace the concept of “play hard, sleep hard.” He loves to walk or even run with you and enjoys playing with his toys. However, as much as he loves to go places and to play, he also spends a lot of time crashed out sleeping on the floor beside you.

Demir enjoys playing with other friendly dogs at the dog park. He hasn’t liked some of the German shepherds he met there for some reason. He spent a week living with another golden retriever and enjoyed having a playmate, although did not like when his foster brother came near his food and gave a warning growl.

Demir has a cat in his foster home and gets along well with him. As a black dog, Demir likes to stay cool.. He is looking for a home with lots of shade in the yard and a cool floor in the house. He enjoys dog beds for a while but tends to move quickly to the cooler floor. At his temporary foster, he had access to a backyard fountain and loved to sit in there and cool down. If he had access to a pool, he would likely want to be in it. Demir has good house manners. He did carry a shoe outside along with his dog toys. He’s also been seen rearranging pillows, doormats, and magazines in the house. In true retriever style, he simply retrievers with a soft mouth and does not damage items. The carrying around of family belongings is part of the mischief he can get in to.

We are looking for a family that recognizing the joy in his fun and doesn’t mind putting things back in their place. Demir is not a counter surfer of begger. He does not bark much. He had one accident in the house where he was not let out in time and he may try and mark a new home to claim it has his so that needs to be watched. Otherwise, he is good about going to the door to let you know he needs outside and can be left alone in the house for several hours without an issue.