Meet Dempsey

Meet Dempsey, a very young 8-10 month old boy!

Like all young Goldens, Dempsey is full of energy and needs a great deal of supervision and guidance. Dempsey is enamored of his crate, which is great for those times when you can’t watch him. He is about 75% potty trained, having had only a few of accidents at his foster home.

Dempsey is learning house manners, and his foster family is working on teaching him that toys are for chewing, not people, sofas, rugs, dish towels, books. fortunately he responds very well to a verbal correction and drops all those items with no assistance. He is also learning that barking will not get him attention, but he is a little persistent on this one.

Dempsey likes to walk and his leash skills are coming along nicely. Because he is a young dog, he will need continued guidance and obedience training will be a must. Dempsey likes practicing his retrieving skills, too. He socializes well with other dogs but is definitely a people oriented dog, and generally likes to hang out where the people are. He is, however, an intrepid explorer and enjoys sniffing around everywhere.

Dempsey is an avid collector as well. He happily takes EVERY toy in the house into his crate. He will also collect snails, rocks and sticks. Dempsey has not been destructive in the house. He is getting the concept of sit, down, leave it and off. He is generally more than happy to come when you call him. Dempsey is pretty much happy and outgoing all the time. He likes to meet new people, but has not been tested with small children or small animals.