Denmark (aka) Cody

September 12, 2019


This is my last night with Cody, our 11 year old golden retriever who has been with us for over 6 years.  He has been our companion, playmate, comforter, cuddler, and all around canine extraordinaire. My heart is so heavy with the pending loss of his soft gentle nature that has been beside me every day. 

I was fortunate in being able to take Cody to work with me as my co-therapist; he assisted in treating many psychotherapy patients 5 days a week.   He developed relationships with so many people of all ages whom he comforted and loved, and in turn, they comforted and loved him back. He had an uncanny sense of when to be present, when to soothe and when to go take a rest in his favorite corner of the room.  He was quite the catalyst for silent, resistant teens who would sit on the floor next to him, start petting him and then soon share the depths of their troubles. He put young kids at ease, anxious people would learn to become calm and depressed people could experience joy.  He will be so missed by so many.

To my 17 year old son, Cody has been the sibling that he never had.  Ian was just 11 when Cody became part of our family and he truly did complete us.  As a single mom with a single child, I was taken by how there being 3 of us just made us feel more like a family. 

 We had many exciting beach outings where Cody would run up and down the coves like a racehorse chasing the seagulls.  Being a retriever, he of course loved to have the ball thrown in and out of the water. I would defy anyone to stay in a bad mood watching Cody at the beach. 

Mostly I will miss his loyal and unconditional companionship.  Cody has been our velcro dog who wants to be wherever we are. My home and day to day life have been so filled up by his presence.  My heart is breaking knowing that his spirit will be leaving us very soon.

Over the past couple of months, Cody has developed several problems related to his lower spine which has left him unable to get up or walk.  His discomfort is obvious and it’s time to do the most loving and most difficult thing a pet owner can do. Our vet tech’s are coming over tomorrow evening to help Cody be relieved of his suffering and allow him to go to the other side. 

Thank you SCGRR for finding our perfect furever match and gracing us with the best dog I have ever known.  I will be forever grateful for the honor of adopting such an amazing being.

Yours Truly,

Linda Abramson

Photos:  1) Lake Tahoe, 2) Hard at work in our office, 3) Ian and Cody lovin’ it up on the back patio, 4) Cody and I at the beach, 5) Enjoying a peanut butter jar that a patient brought for him and 6) Bliss!



                                                              Original Adoption Picture