Diego – Adopted!

Meet Diego. This sweet boy was found wandering the streets very thin, flea bitten, filthy with a very matted coat.Three weeks into our foster’s care though still needing to put on some weight, this is the dog that has emerged- a real beauty.

Diego is super friendly, great with people and great with other dogs big and small. Loves to play hard so he might not be good for small toddlers but he settles in nicely once he’s had his fill.

He is not a big barker, in fact his foster parents have not heard him bark very much at all to date. Sleeps well through the night-he loves his bed- apparently it’s the first one he has ever had.

He is fully housebroken, he knows sit and down, he is learning shake and the ever challenging stay. He walks very well on a leash and can be left alone at home for a few hours  but will need puppy proof quarters-even though no longer a puppy-he is now living his lost childhood and will destroy anything left within reach of his mouth-you name it and he can destroy it. That said, he would love another playful dog in the household to enable him to redirect a lot of that youthful energy.

He has no food aggression or resource guarding and one can take anything out of his mouth easily. His foster parents are working on some house manners-he will counter surf – and still jumps on you but is fairly gentle when he does it.

He loves to fetch, but does not always bring it back. He likes his balls and toys and really enjoys chasing birds and squirrels. On that same note, he gets VERY excited when he sees cats so we are unsure about how he would do in a home with felines-it is likely he would chase them too.