Meet Dillon and his new Family!

Meet Dillon #2611, a small 1-2 yr old Golden Mix. He came to us from the Riverside Shelter, a bit skittish but learning to trust his humans, even his foster dad. Dillon is calm in the house, waits to potty outside, and is gentle and kind to his foster sister Golden. He would do find with another dog, but mostly he just wants a lap to lay his head on, a bed pillow to sleep next to you on, and a person he can ‘stick to’ forever. He needs reassurance in crowds of people and is very brave as you give him little pets of reassurance. Dillon walks well on a leash (albeit a wanderer, he does not pull) He likes kids, but a bit shy at first. Dillon knows how to entertain himself – he throws balls and ropes into the air and chasing them. He runs really really fast and can turn a corner like a rabbit! He can leap like one too! While he is not a ‘runner’, he can probably jump over most any fence, just to get to your side. Dillon is smart, young, calm and puppy-cute.

Dillon found his new forever home!