Meet Dodger Blue!

Meet Dodger Blue, a 2.5 yr old, 50lb male Golden.

We call him Blue, as did the first family who bought him as a puppy (dob 2/22/2017 per the shelter) and turned him in when he was 1 yr old for biting at the kids (there were 4kids, and they seemed glad to see him go). Due to the bite, he was “rescue only” and SCGRR was called, met him, evaluated him with the shelter staff, and brought him in.

Blue needed time to settle in, then he was posted on our website and quickly adopted. He was with the family until February 2019, when they decided to turn him back to us. He had snapped when lying on his bed, once while being given meds (Pronin), and another when playing “give paw”. He also took to growling at the grand kids.

When he came back, he spent 2 months at a board-and-train. He learned excellent manners. They never saw and resource guarding of toys or his bed. He played very well with the other dogs. He never snapped anyone. They recommended getting him into a foster home to see how he would do in a less controlled environment.

In mid-May 2019, Blue moved into his foster home, after a couple of hikes and walks with his foster family to get to know him and build some trust before “moving in”. Initially, he was cautious of the humans, watching and waiting before approaching for pets or moving thru the house. He quickly relaxed. Of course, the constant playing with his foster brother seemed to help….

While in foster care, this is what we’ve learned about Blue:

• Good house manners • Knows: heel, sit, down, off, outside, inside, up(to get in the car), all done, out of the kitchen • he jumps to greet and reaches for a kiss (he’s short) • LOVE LOVE LOVES to chase, wrestle and roll with his foster brother – Blue MUST have another young, larger dog to play with. • Lays on back to play. Very submissive but persistent player. Good energy, but will rest nicely when we say “all done”. Slobbery, mouthy player. • Loves belly rubs – you just need to approach from the tail, slowly. He closes his eyes…so sweet • Loves his chin & chest rubbed – he will approach you for this, and lift his head up • Blue is very social with other dogs, large and small – excellent hiking trail manners

• He is cautious around people (1) with HATS, (2) that come at him trying to pet the top of his head • Likes to sleep downstairs, on his back, on his bed or the couch, under a desk, or with his head tucked in a corner or under the bed • Very very happy to greet you in the morning, but doesn’t bark or whine • Not a barker, unless he’s scared • Fine with the fireworks – he barks at them • Loves his leash and walks – sits for you to put his leash/collar on; excellent heal manners and sits at the corner/curb to wait • Greets other dogs on leash very well, BUT, is immediately ready to play (which can scare the other dogs). • Eats really fast – one of his protocol is to hand feed, holding his bowl • Supposedly has “resource guarding” of toys – we have not seen this, although we control all toy access. • Likes to fetch the ball as long as his foster brother isn’t competing for it. • Loves to be chased by other dogs • Loves stuffed toys and floppy things to throw up in air and chase. • Will follow you from room to room, but isn’t “on top” of you for attention.

His next all-adult family must be willing to slowly work through Blue’s fear issues while hiring a trainer to guide them. All members of the family must equally share the care for Blue, so that they equally earn his trust. All family members must be willing to change how they would normally interact with a dog. They must be compassionate and willing to accommodate Blue’s need for slow, patient and deliberate movement of the hands and body when handling him. His foster family has seen great progress using this method.

His new family must have another friendly, younger, larger dog for Blue to be buddies with.

These are the things that scare Blue: • Quick reaches for the top of his head • Approaching him when he’s laying down, and going for his head as if to “pet” him • Picking him up and physically moving him (off couch, off bed, etc)

If you believe you have the experience, patience and compassion to help Blue live a fun and happy life, please contact his representative at

Blue’s adoption fee is $500.

Dodger Blue’s ID # 4597