Dodger Blue – Adopted!

Hi my name is Dodger Blue but I go by Blue!

I came to SCGRR from the Burbank Animal Shelter as my owner decided I was too much for them.

I am just over 1 years old, we think I was born on April 1, 2017.

I have been enjoying my time with my foster family but would love a forever family. I promise you I am the sweetest, loving and loyal boy you will meet. I love playing with my foster fur brother and sister.

My brother and I can play for hours and love to wrestle around together. I am just a kid so I am full of energy and love having other dogs to play with!! When I am ready to go for a walk, I will grab my leash and head to the door so you know I am ready to hit the streets. I also have a human brother and sister, I love to play with them and love to get hugs, belly rubs and have them toss the ball to me. Besides playing with my brother I think my favorite thing to do is eat, my mom says she is trying to fatten me up!

A note from my Foster Mom: “Blue is such a sweet and loving boy! He plays great with the other dogs in our home and my kids (ages 7 and 8). He knows the basic commands, does great on a leash and is totally potty trained. He is still young so he is full of energy and loves to jump up on the counter and snag a treat if you give him the opportunity, we have been working on counter rules. He is a great listener but is young and enjoys testing his boundaries. Blue is so very eager to please and I think that he spent the early part of his life trying to get loved, so he does experience separation anxiety when separated from me. He does fine during the day when left at home with his brother and sister, but if I am upstairs and he knows that he cries until I come back. With some training, he will be amazing. He has been an extremely polite house guest and a welcome addition to our family. He would do great with another dog or kids that would enjoy playing with him. Blue is just waiting to find someone to give him all the love he deserves, and trust me he is easy to love.”