Meet Donny and his new Family!

Move aside sugar cookies, because Donny is the new sweetie in town. This tall, medium gold, and handsome boy is the real deal. Donny knows how to spread the holiday cheer and is not partial to humans or dogs. He does have the festive energy of a 10 month old puppy, so his future family should be prepared for lots of regular exercise and training classes.

Don (foster mom’s nickname), has many endearing qualities. He loves to cuddle (especially on the couch), and gives kisses to all parties involved. Donny enjoys playing with other dogs so much it would be best that he have a canine companion to play ball and wrestle with. He recently tried out an agility course and did quite well!

Don is housebroken and his foster family has been crate training him as well. He does require supervision around human belongings. Don is not a huge chow hound, enjoys a good bone and loves doggy snacks. However, his new family needs to know he counter surfs on occasion and is still learning what belongs in his mouth and what does not. Donny is adapting very nicely to the Gentle Leader and rides just fine in the car. He has not been tested with cats or around small children.

Donny found his new forever home!