Meet Dooley and his new Family!

Hi there, I am the most adorable loving English Cream Golden Retriever named Dooley.
I am a beautiful sweet boy. However, I was born with a heart murmur. The wonderful folks at SCGRRescue took me to see a heart specialist who told us I have subvascular aortic stenosis with associated mitral valve dyslpasia (whew). I know those are big words. Its something that can not be fixed even with surgery. I have to take a small inexpensive pill for the rest of my life to help with it. I also will need to be seen by the heart specialist every now and then just to get a follow up. My life expectancy is unknown, but many dogs in my condition, life very long full lives.

I am potty trained and good on a leash. I enjoy other dogs, I like cats, I like to follow them and sometimes play with them, I have even been around a rabbit and like to follow him but haven’t tried to harm him. I need a home that will keep my activity minimal. I promise I have a lot of love to give though. I love to cuddle, and play. My foster mom says whoever adopts me will be very blessed.

Dooley found his new forever home!