Meet Dottie and her new Family!

Dottie originally came to us in December. Relinquished by a family that did not have the time for her she spent most of the day in her crate so when she came into rescue, she had a lot to learn. Not given the opportunity to be a “normal” puppy, her time in foster provided the love, socialization, and training needed to start her on her way to a better life. She was adopted by a nice family that had a great yard and a playmate…then we discovered something new about Dottie. She can fly. After being in her new home for about three months she decided to go meet the neighbors and hopped right over the fence. Unable to give her the freedom of the property she loved she returned to rescue.

Dottie (really known as Koa) is a Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix. She looks like a small golden with Cocker ears and eyes, very striking. To top it all off, she is rocking a white fauxhawk which pretty much sums up her personality. She is just a Love-Bug.

Koa is a very sweet and gentle girl. She loves to cuddle and is great with kids and dogs. She will chase cats. She is doing very well on leash with a gentle leader (a great improvement from her initial posting) and sometimes jumps up to greet you. Her foster family is working on that but it could be an issue for families with small children. She has a lot of energy so Koa is looking for an active family who will show her boundaries and who are willing to work with her wanderlust and newly discovered aerial abilities through proper training. Ideally, we would love to place her in a home with another playful dog. She has bonded to her canine foster brother and they keep themselves entertained for hours running, playing, and wrestling in the back yard.

Dottie found her new forever home!