Meet Dottie from China. With her premature sugar face, she has seen a lot of things that were not very good in her life, and it shows in her beautiful eyes. She has also produced a few litters, as is obvious with her shaved down coat, necessitated due to a bad skin infection. That was then-she has now let that go for a fun-filled life with her stuffed toys (keep away is her favorite game), walks and car rides, good food /treats and lots of affection. Dottie has lots of energy, is very strong and definitely plays like a puppy. She truly loves her foster family and has been an absolutely excellent houseguest. She has had no accidents, although she has on occasion tried to counter surf. She loves to hang out with you, and is ready to play at any time!

Dottie’s first foster mom said that Dottie is definitely the alpha dog who likes to be in control. Initially, we noticed that behavior, although she seems to mellow more each day she is here. Not the alpha dog she was, she still can get a little jealous when too much attention is paid to her foster fur sibling Lexie. But then, don’t most dogs, ha! She can be a little stubborn but typically responds well once she knows what you want. Dottie doesn’t seem to have an issue with guarding her food or toys – although she does love her food and loves to eat-she gets very happy and excited, and almost hops in a little dance in anticipation at meal time. She has also figured out that hanging in the kitchen may yield a few scraps if she gets lucky.

Dottie has really improved on walks, has a lot of stamina and does not pay much attention to the people or dogs we encounter, but rather focusses her attention on sniffing out her surroundings -so many new and interesting smells!. She plays with her foster sister but enjoys the company of humans more. Dottie loves to be outside but will trade that for wherever her human is hanging out. If left in the yard without you, she may paw at the screen to show her dismay but is easily corrected. So far, Dottie hasn’t exhibited any patterns of destructive behavior other than screen door pawing. She carries our shoes around but doesn’t leave teeth marks or paw prints as she seems to understand the difference between ours and hers.

Dottie is an easy girl and is grateful for the small things in life. She would be fine as an only dog, or with another friendly, well-adjusted canine. She will get a little panicky initially when her family leaves, but settles down quickly, so a home where she has some kind of constant companionship, canine and/or human, would be preferable. She is a strong girl, so a home without very young kids might be best. Although she has not met any felines, we feel that she would be fine with them. Dottie really is a sweet dog and just wants to be loved – she will make a wonderful addition to any number of families.

If you have completed the application process, and would like to make Dottie a part of yours, please contact her rep at Due the increased costs involved in bringing these dogs over here, which includes both travel and veterinary, the donation for Dottie is $1500.