Dublin – Adopted!

Meet Dublin. Dublin is a beautiful blond golden boy, estimated to be about 18 months old. Dublin came into rescue on St. Patty’s Day, via the shelter in Downey, along with his buddy Ryan. And along with his buddy Ryan, Dublin also got very, very sick upon exiting the shelter, but he has made a complete turnaround now.

Being a young boy, Dublin does love to play, now that he has been shown how it works. He loves to wrestle with his foster fur brother, and he is learning how to play ball. He happily shares his toys with anyone who wants them and he loves his walks. Being a retriever one thing he sure loves to do is retrieve-anything, and from all over the house-shoes, socks, papers, kleenex-all high value items that he enjoys carrying around, covering in slobber. Another activity he does enjoy dabbling in, given the incentive and the opportunity, is a little counter surfing.

Dublin is an extremely friendly and affectionate boy, and meets people and other dogs well, both in the home and on his walks. Felines are, at this point, an unknown entity. His foster family has been working with him , and he is housebroken and working on his sit and stay commands and is now walking much better on the leash with the help of a gentle leader Dublin will do very well with continued formal training, as he is an intelligent dog who wants to please and loves to receive praise.

Ideally, Dublin should be placed in a family environment with another dog, and kids over the toddler stage, as he does tend to get excited and could knock the little ones over. He would do best with a human around much, if not all, of the time, as left to his own devices, he will find something to get into, although he has been left alone in the home with the other dogs with no negative outcome. Dublin is sure to add immeasurable love and laughter to any family that he will join.