Meet Duffy & Catalina and their new Family!

Meet Duffy and Catalina (we call her Lina). They have been in rescue for a while but are now ready for their fur-ever loving home. Both came from the streets of Taiwan where CataLina was known as Happy and Duffy was Goofy. Both those names fit. They both love tennis balls.
They have found love, companionship and security with one another here in the US, so we would really like to keep them together. LINA and DUFFERs play together all day. They love kids! Their foster mom takes them to work – and makes sure they are “productive” and contribute: they keep employees happy and greet customers. They get along with all dogs and visitors. They LOVE car rides. They LOVE the mountains. Duffy and Lina both are learning how to swim and love water.
DUFFER’S is easy going and happy happy. Duffy is a little piggy: he likes to sneak food from anyone, anyplace and anything. He especially likes APPLES. He’s going on a diet….Duffy is also on Medicam daily for pelvis pain, but it is not something that inhibits his movement in any noticeable way. He likes to sleep by your feet during his daily naps. Duffy loves being hosed off and rubbed down while being dried off!

CATALINA (Lina) is about two years younger and loves to play with toys and will entertain herself by running around tossing the toys in the air. There are certain things she is still afraid of: the vacuum, yelling, the doggie door flap. She had a hard life in Taiwan and needs a family to understand and be patient with her. She is very funny. Lina is patient and plays “high-five”: put your hang up and she will lift her paw to your hand! She also likes to hold your hand in her mouth like it is a pacifier. Lena every now and then will act strange and disappear: She will go to the top of the stairs and just watch, unsure and scared of the actions going on. She is a bit shorter, and sweet as can be, and needs a patient person to understand her and help her trust. Her security blanket is Duffy

Duffy & Catalina found their new forever home!