Meet Duggar and his new Family!

Duggar is a handsome little guy with a bouncy, loving personality. He seems to like everyone he meets. Duggar is about 1 1/2 years old and still has some puppy traits of counter-surfing and taking things sometimes. Duggar must have been given reasons not to trust his humans in the past, since he sometimes issues little complaining growls if he feels intimidated. All in all, he is a great boy. A behaviorist we consulted gave us some training exercises that will bond him to his new humans. The foster family wishes they could keep him, they love him so much. But, their alpha male and Duggar are a little too competitive. We feel that Duggar would do great in a home with savvy owners, who are home a lot, no kids, other gentle dogs (especially females would probably work). If he were to get lots of playtime, walks and attention he will pay back in lots of love and kisses!

Duggar found his new forever home!