DuKane – Adopted!

This boy is a major LOVE bear and is a big, fluffy fur ball of Golden goodness. He has all the positive traits golden’s are known for. He loves his humans deeply and attaches quickly. His devotion to his family will be 100%. He just wants to be by your side, your feet or next to your bed. He’ll even try to come in the bathroom with you and lay next to your tub during bath time.

He’s always ready for fun and games. He doesn’t always drop the ball, but will run himself into the ground if you keep throwing it. This gorgeous gentle guy loves butt scratches, hugs and lap time and oh yeah BALLS..Lots and lots of balls. He looks like a young buck with he’s prancing or racing for his ball. His hellos are awesome full body tail wags with such excitement it makes you want to go out and come back in. This boy is really, really cool and so darn loveable.

While he is not food motivated, he has been caught counter surfing once, I think he was just checking out the goods, since he didn’t snack while he could have. While not kid tested , he has not displayed any issues with strangers other than to lick them He gets along with his foster siblings very well, but may prefer to be in a home alone or with only one other fur friend.

He walks great on leash (right side walker) never pulls or tugs. He does carry his own leash as well and knew where home was after the first walk. He knows sit, down and stay but could use this to be worked on a bit more. This guy is a big boy and has started on a healthier lifestyle with regular play times and walks. At this point his play time is several times a day and his nightly walk is about ½ mile, but can be increased as he adjusts and loses some pounds. He should be kept on a reduced calorie dog food with green beans as well. While he has access to a pool and shown some interest, it is clear he’s never been around one. He does still play in his water bowl and most likely will be a water dog once he gets a comfort level with it.