Dulce – Adopted!

Meet Dulce, a beautiful Golden boy looking for a new lease on life! He is a pretty mellow guy who loves people.

We found this adorable guy at a shelter, who estimated his age to be 3 years. Based on his energy level and stamina, he is either a super mellow 3 year old…or he might be closer to 4 or 5.

Dulce is potty trained and has good house manners. His fosters report he follows them around and settles down wherever they are. Dulce is crate trained, likes a nice natural bone to chew on, and really enjoys walking. He is a perfect gentleman on the leash, and is unconcerned by typical urban distractions like cars, bicycles, squirrels and barking dogs. He also loves to swim and is an excellent water retriever. Dulce is working on building up stamina as he is a little out of shape. He tends to get a little weak in the back legs if he does too much. And when it comes to swimming, he will do too much unless redirected by his humans.

Dulce gets along with his doggie foster siblings, but he is more of a people dog and is not very interested in other dogs. He can be a bit of a bully in competition for toys or attention, so we feel he will be happiest as the only dog. Dulce loves to be brushed and is super motivated by treats, sometimes taking them a little too eagerly. He is good at sit and leave it and is learning the cues of wait and down.

Dulce really likes to retrieve tennis balls and is learning to release the ball so the game can continue. He can also be a bit mouthy especially when he is excited. His nemesis is…the dreaded vacuum cleaner! He runs outside to avoid it when cleaning is occurring. Overall, Dulce is a pretty easy going guy with a few rough edges. Continued direction and training will help him become the perfect Golden companion he is destined to be.