Meet Durby and his new Family!

Meet DURBY, a 2 yr old boy just as sweet and scared as they come into rescue from the shelters. He’s getting used to his foster home slowly kissing his foster family and foster dogs every time they pass him. He likes to kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss. He is frightened of going through doors and will follow you, but won’t lead you through a door. He likes to be near his human, following from room to room. He likes water and the hose, and will drink from the hose. He is a slow eater and does best if it is very quiet during dinner time. He is very gentle with his mouth, takes treats easy and loves soft baby toys. Durby needs to put on about 10 lbs. He does not like the crate. He is house-trained and know a bunch of basic commands.

Durby found his new forever home!