Meet Durkin and his new Family!

Hi! My name is Durkin, nice to meet you. I am one lucky pup to have been found by SCGRR! I’ve come a long way from being lost by myself on the streets, looking for food. They got me well fed now, and all the good Vet care that I needed (I’m not real sure about that last neutering thing!). I love my foster sisters, and kids….kids are awesome! I’m not sure about kitty cats, but I’m sure they would get used to me. My foster sisters taught me about the doggie door, and at 4 mos. I’m proud to say that I potty outside like the big dogs! We’ve gone for several walks on the leash, and mom taught me how to sit for a treat. I love toys, and still have some learning to do about socks and sandals laying about….hello….puppy! I am a beautiful red/brown mix that loves being part of a family pack. I’d love to be part of yours!

Durkin found his new forever home!