Meet Dutch and his new Family!

Dutch is a big, lovable Golden with lots of puppish energy. This 2 year old boy is full of personality. He is very affectionate and isn’t yet able to resist jumping up to tell you “Hi there!” He likes chew bones, fluffy squeaky toys, and chasing tennis balls. He is completely potty-trained. Sometimes Dutch can get curious about certain objects, so he needs a little supervision. Dutch is fine with most dogs, especially gentle females. He has shown some male competitiveness with other males his size, so we think he should be the only big male in the home. We think kids under 12 could get bowled over. Dutch would love a yard and a home with human companionship most of the time. He loves car rides and is very well-behaved in the car. Dutch is a diamond in the rough, and needs an owner committed to working with him and getting him some training to be all that he can be. The eye contact he gives you tells you he is willing to be a good boy once he is shown the way!

Dutch found his new forever home!