Update 12/4/18

“I was writing to let you know that Eagle (Boli) has gone over the rainbow bridge. He was such a lovely pup. We enjoyed every second that he spent with us and every ball that we threw from him. He loved to run, probably too much for his age, but we tried to let him enjoy it as much as his old man hips would let him.

Could you please pass on to his foster family, his Foster Dad especially, that we can’t thank him enough for helping Eagle on his road to recovery from his surgery and letting our family enjoy his remaining years. “

This is Eagle. You may recall reading something about this boy as SCGRR launched a GoFundMe campaign for the removal of an 8 lb mass that had infiltrated his chest and thorax. Eagle soared through surgery, and after a couple post-op follow up procedures, is now ready for his forever home.