Elsa – Adoped!

I am sweet, quiet, gentle Elsa. The wonderful lady from the rescue found me in a shelter. I was very scared, hungry, tired and starved of human kindness. However, since I’ve been in foster care I have come out of my shell a great deal and am learning to trust humans again.

It is believed I am a Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever mix and as such I am pure snow white. I recently have had a litter of puppies, and I was probably kept either outside or in a crate most the time.

I love to lay outside in the sun and relax. I have also begun to enjoy very gentle belly rubs. I’m not really a ball chaser but I do enjoy a bone I can chew on. It is thought I had never played with other dogs before coming into foster care and luckily my foster brother and sister were kind enough to help me out with learning that but I think I’d rather be the only dog or live with one more submissive, sweet and mellow dog just like me who won’t push me out the way when it’s my time for pets.

I live with two cats and get along just fine with them. I’m great with kids and people but it can take me a little bit to come to them unless they use gentle voices and gentle approach.

I’m fine in a car and I travel an hour to and from work with my foster mum every day to the office. I really like to be with my humans but I can be left alone for a few hours and I’ll be fine. I am house trained, I don’t chew things and I am not possessive over toys, food or my humans. I am just a very gentle soul.

I did not know any commands but have learned to sit for treats at my foster home and I know what “come” means now. My foster mum has never heard me bark, I don’t dig and I’m not a jumper. My foster mum says I am the most perfect girl.