Faye – Adopted!

Faye was given up by her family as she was not getting along with one of the older female dogs in the home-they would periodically get into it as both wanted to be the top dog. Since the older girl was there first, she stays, which is only right, and we will find Faye a home better suited to her needs.

Faye is a very sweet, somewhat shy dog who has adjusted well in her foster home. She has great house manners and has never had any accidents in the home. She has never been created, nor does she need it-she is perfectly fine when left alone, displaying no signs of separation anxiety. She knows her basic commands, in fact, she is very motivated to please you-she will check in often when she is unsure what she is supposed to do, or what you want her to do, which will make training her very easy. She has briefly lived with a cat in her previous home with no issues. She has also lived with young children and has been very good with them. She walks extremely well on her leash and apparently does well off leash on trail hikes and runs. Although her foster home does not have a pool, she apparently likes the water and swimming, and loves to be bathed,

Faye is your typical velcro golden, always wanting attention, nudging and/or pawing you to remind you she is there. She will follow her foster parents around but is also happy to just lay by them wherever they might be. She has a very sweet temperament and loves to revel in the pleasure of having her people around her. Initially, with new people and situations, she can be a little hesitant and shy but warms up quickly once she knows all is well. Although she has been living as an only dog in her foster home, she has gotten on very well with my 3 golden boys when she visited here recently, as well as most dogs she passes by while out on a walk. As mentioned earlier, she was relinquished due to a personality conflict with one of the resident female dogs, but not the other. Due to that, we feel that she might be best placed as either an only dog or with another submissive canine, preferably male. She can be placed with kids of any age, and apparently, felines. According to her foster mom, she is an absolute joy to have around and will make a wonderful addition to some lucky family. If you have already submitted your online application, as well as complete your in-home interview, please contact

Faye’s rep at bodie99@cox.net