Meet Fayne and her new Family!

MEET “FAYNE”, a 7.5 yr old Golden who was turned into the Downey shelter by her family, stinky and flea infested. It was apparent she was neglected and scared for a long time…..Good for her, the SCGRR diligent shelter patrol found her in “isolation”, away from the general public due to her timidness….

Now in her foster home, Fayne is starting to come out of her shell very slowly after almost 2 weeks. Her safest spot in on the bed, all day long. She is very smart and figured out where she lived after only two days. She sleeps on the bed with her foster mom and dad every night and likes to snuggle with her 7 year old foster brother in the early mornings. She has started to let us rub her belly by gently picking up one hind leg. One day, she even tenderly gave her foster mom her paw as if to say, “More pets please!”

She is still very shy and timid and will need time to trust people again and realize that most of us are good at heart. She is enjoying the peace and quiet of her new environment and has found several comfy spots throughout the house where she prefers to spend most of her days quietly sitting or sleeping. She likes walks, but is really glad to get back “home”.

Fayne found her new forever home!