Meet Fedora!

Fedora (aka Swaggatron 950/Swaggy Mae named by her foster parents), a small Spaniel mix. She came to us from a local shelter where she was found wandering the streets. She was so matted upon shelter arrival that she needed to be shaved, but her fur is growing in nicely. Fedora has a benign growth on her underbelly and we think she may have been let go by her previous owners for fear of medical bills.

At approximately 10 years old, she appears to be hard of hearing and has a bit of arthritis in her back legs, but is doing really well with medication.

Prior to her meds kicking in, and being confined to one floor unable to climb up 2 stairs, we learned that Fedora can howel rather than bark. The coyote-like howling ceased as soon as she could get up those 2 stairs and discovered the rest of the main floor including the master bedroom where she now sleeps on the floor next to the bed. 

Fedora started with her foster family using a crate but she is no longer interested. She is well mannered and potty trained. We believe she may be doggie door trained based on her behavior at our sliding door and she has no issues in the back yard. There have been zero accidents since arrival.

Fedora gets around well now and we’ve found ourselves looking down to avoid tripping over her. She will also follow upon direction outside or to her food dish, etc. She may startle a bit easy since her hearing is compromised.

Regarding walks and leash, she enjoys walking short walks outside and there are no leash problems. She is curious about meeting people and is okay with her 2 gentle foster pups at home: a 7 yr. old male and 1.5 year old female; they too are happy with her, all getting along well.

We believe that Fedora would do best in a home with similar pets or even as a solo dog. Kids should be a non-issue, but some extra TLC would likely be much appreciated by this little one who’s been deprived of love for some time.

If you have completed the adoption application and in home interview and think you could provide a loving home for Fedora, please contact Jenni at: and let her know why you would provide the perfect home for her.

At 10 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Fedora is $300

Fedora’s ID is: 4739