Felix! – Adopted

Felix is a three-year-old male recently arrived from Turkey. He was a stray wandering the streets of Turkey.

Felix had a rough start in life but since he has been in the U.S. he is enjoying his new life. He is a happy, energetic dog who loves to play. He loves playing with his two four-legged foster sisters and is also content to play his own games with a ball or toy. He will happily throw a ball in the air, chase it and then pounce on it. Running and chasing his foster sisters are two of his favorite games.

Felix enjoys his daily walks and walks fine on a leash. He rarely pulls while on the leash but will occasionally “anchor” himself to smell an irresistible scent. He is not aggressive towards other dogs while on his walks. He also rides well in the car and is content to look out the window or will lie down. He does not jump on us or on strangers. He is a well-mannered dog. Felix is crate trained and chooses to sleep in his crate at night and will even nap in his crate during the day. He has good house manners and does not counter surf or get into any mischief. After arriving at his foster home Felix had a couple of accidents and with training, he seems to be now housebroken.

Felix is skittish around sudden movements, new or loud noises. After realizing there is no threat to him, he usually acclimates to it well. Going slowly and letting him investigate new things work well to calm his uneasiness. Felix would love a family with another higher energy dog to play and run with. He would do well having some additional training to smooth out some of the gaps in his training. He is a quick learner and wants to please.

If you have completed your adoption application and your in-home interview and want to inquire about Felix please send an email why you think you can give Felix a loving & caring home to moritajenni@yahoo.com.

International adoption fee for Felix is $800