Fenn – Adopted!

Meet very youthful, 8 year-old Fenn!  Fenn is a sweet Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix (we think!) who was relinquished to us because his family moved to a location that turned out not to be a good fit for him.

He is so sweet and always happy to see you!   Fenn is very affectionate, loving and loves being under your feet while relaxing on the couch or following you around the house.  He definitely has the Velcro trait of a Golden and usually just wants to be anywhere his human is.  When he is happy, he rubs his face on you, rubs his body on the couch and loves to roll over and have you rub his belly.

Fenn has medium to high energy; is very active and loves his walks and running.  He will start jumping if you even touch his leash and walks very well, especially with his gentle leader.   He also loves tennis balls, but squeaky toys are his absolute favorite.  You can easily take toys from him, but it is best to trade the toy for something better; like a treat.   He is playful and enjoys toys and jumping around with you.

He also loves being gently brushed and if you bring out the brush, he will often roll over onto his back, ready for you to brush him and rubs himself on you in pure happiness.  He loves being pampered!

At times, Fenn seems disinterested when he first meets new people, but soon wants to be your best friend.  He is not necessarily fearful or skittish, just mostly curious.

He seems to like the company of a dog buddy to hang and chill with or go on walks with, but a more passive one would be best as Fenn is more alpha.  He has very short play sessions with his foster sister and then wants to go back to sniffing.  He’s the one that will say when playtime is over.  He is sometimes a little possessive over toys with his foster sister, but it is easily resolved.  He doesn’t show aggression with humans and toys, but it seems with other dogs, there is some potential but is easily remedied.  He is fine if his foster sister has the toy, but if he has the toy, he wants to keep it!

Fenn does have a prey drive as he gets very focused on rats or cats in his neighborhood and wants to chase them, so a home with a cat might not be appropriate.

Fenn loves food and will eat it all in one sitting.   He begs but after he is told ‘back’, he will go lay down a few feet away from you.  He doesn’t counter surf or counter sniff and he will take food gently from your hands.

He is housetrained and does well in cars, as he jumps right in!  He loves going places and stays in the back seat mostly, but a harness might work great for him.   He likes to be outdoors, as he will occasionally wander in the yard sniffing, but is happiest to stay near his human where-ever that might be.

He knows some commands like sit, stay, off/down, come, back up, etc. and doesn’t bark much as he is mostly quiet unless other dogs are barking, then he might let out a couple of barks/whines.  He shouldn’t need professional training, just to continue to teach the trading treats for toys.

We feel Fenn would do well in a semi-active home or very active home, as he loves his walks and running, and also feel he would do best in a home without young children.  He might like a dog buddy but needs to be a submissive one with dog savvy parents.   He does seem very interested in the outside world, so a secure yard/house is a must.