Meet Fenway and his new Family!

Fenway is very a sweet and loving guy! He is special and wonderful in his own way, and we are seeking a special forever-family for him. Fenway is probably a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever and Golden Retriever mix. He was brought in to the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know what experiences he’s had that have shaped his quirky personality. He is excellent with other dogs and he responds very well to petting and TLC from his people. But he is a bit skittish. Abrupt movements may make him cower, but he recovers quickly.

If he hears his fosters in another room he will sometimes bark protectively, but he stops when he recognizes it is his pals who belong there! He goes into the yard to potty like the good boy he is, but he becomes terrified to be taken out on walks. Open spaces seem to scare him so much that he will just hunker down and try to crawl under the nearest bush or hide in a corner. In the car, he just lies down on the back seat. We don’t know how he’d be with cats. Kids might provide a little too much commotion for him.

With time and patience and possibly some professional guidance, Fenway should gradually become more like a normal dog. But, we don’t know that he will ever want to go out into the world on a leash (happily, anyway). The ideal home for Fenway would have a nice doggie sibling to show him the ropes, and a large yard for exploring and exercise, with very understanding humans for him to love on (who don’t need to necessarily take him out on walks until he wants to). With such a sweet demeanor and good house manners, Fenway is a very good dog and would be a great family member for the right home.

Fenway found his new forever home!