Dear Rescue Angel Sharon (and all SCGRR Angels),

Today is Memorial Day and it seems fitting and appropriate to share with you the sad news that on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2019, Finch suffered a significant decline in his health and well-being. 

He ventured into the family room area but didn’t have an appetite to eat his breakfast, then laid down on the carpet where he remained much of the day.  I immediately became concerned about his immobility as several hours had passed and I attempted to assist him to his feet when I realized he was unable to take even one step without collapsing down.  The only positive was that he would drink water when placed under his chin and eat a couple of pill pouches for his meds.

I moved him onto his pad and provided water and of few treats to nibble on through the night.  The next morning, I found him where he was the night before, but he had passed his bowels twice and the fleece was damp with urine.  Additionally, he seemed to have   experienced some sort of neurological event presenting with a head tilt and mild nystagmus.  His sensorium was compromised as he exhibited loss of alertness and was clearly in distress/crisis.  I could only pet and reassure him I was there for him and he seemed to know.

I contacted Murrieta Family Pet Hospital and was able to be seen right away.  With the help of a friend, I lifted him into the car and rushed to the hospital.  Dr. Samantha Rose was in attendance and through difficult consultation, we mutually evaluated the factors of medical condition/outlook, age and quality of life.  The decision was to relieve Finch from his suffering and say farewell.   Monday, May 13, Finch peacefully ascended into Doggy Heaven where he rejoined Skeelo who we lost in January 2018.

Sharon, thank you for your trust and confidence in placing Finch with me for the three years we shared together.  He adjusted well and lived and loved as only a Golden can. 
I miss him and cherish the time we had together.  I have attached several photos of Da Boyz.  Take care dear heart, may we always be the people our dogs think we are. 

Warmest wishes,