Florence – Adopted!

If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know all about our special girl Florence!

Florence, we believe, was a puppy mill girl her whole life. She came to us very underweight, sunken face and eyes, and with one of her mammary glands almost touching the floor.   Covered in fleas and tics she was a true rescue and a girl in deep need.  We got some weight on her by giving her some good food, got the fleas and tics and taken care of, and then came some gentle pets and kisses and a warm bed inside to sleep on. Once she got some weight on, she had that annoying mammary gland removed – it was just fibrous tissue, nothing bad.   Then, the following week she went to get 14 rotten teeth taken out.  And yet, she still wagged her tail and tried to chase the tennis ball.  Florence is now a completely different girl.

The fleas caused her to get a skin infection and she lost some of the hair on her back, but antibiotics are taking care of that and the hair is growing gradually; her new family will need to continue those for her until it completely clears.  We and her vet certainly see a huge difference between the girl that came in to rescue and the one that will leave.

She loves car rides! She thinks walks are just the best and is sweet to everyone she meets on them.  She’ll nudge your hand for extra pets, but is happy to lay by your side while you sit on your patio and drink your coffee of a morning. She doesn’t want for much, just love and food (she loves food!), and those walks.

Florence is fully house trained, and she sleeps all the night through until you wake her up in the morning. She’s got a good energy for walks and trips, but is not a runner or a swimmer.  She’s great with kids, but we envisage her new home to be somewhere calm.  She’s great with cats and other dogs. We’ve never heard her bark, she doesn’t jump up folks and she greets with her wagging tail.

Florence is really just perfect.  She has only one bad habit – she will counter surf for food if she smells it since she’s been so deprived of it before.  But, a quick no or uh-huh and she smiles and stops; she’s very eager to please.

Here’s a video of Florence that was taken a couple of weeks ago with her foster brother, Ledley: Click here!