Forrest – Adopted!

Forrest is a sweet, gentle playful, flat-coated retriever mix! He loves to run and play in the yard, follow his human or dog friends, or chill in the house. He is always ready to play or snuggle. He loves to stick his head under your arm, hand, whatever. so long as he has something touching you. He is a fast learner, and will quickly fall in to the routine of the house, figuring out eating and sleeping arrangements easily, and where he fits in. He very much wants to please his people. Forrest also knows what he wants, and he can be very expressive about it. If you talk to him, he will talk back, wiggle around and go get a toy for you to share with him. He has lots of toys and never rips them or anything else up, for that matter. He loves to put his head in your lap and never tires of attention.
Forrest has wonderful house and yard manners. He has all the characteristics of your golden velcro dog-he is never far away from his humans, ready for a good belly rub anytime you’ll indulge him. Although he is a shy guy, and somewhat unsure of new people, new dogs, and new situations, he is quick to warm up, and will happily follow the cues of the resident humans and dogs. He is a quiet, mellow boy, and only barks when there is a reason.

Forrest loves his walks, is good on a leash, and has very little interest in dogs he might pass while walking-a bonus. And he really loves his walk- the more, the better. He is very obedient and low maintenance. He also enjoys a good nap, and graciously waits for you to wake up in the morning, as opposed to the other way around. Forrest loves to have his human and furry companionship, even though it takes him a day or two to totally trust a new relationship. He loves his golden foster siblings and happily follows their lead most of the day. Once he starts to run and play, you’ll know he’s a happy boy, and he will give you all the love you can handle! Forrest is a mellow boy, and would easily fit in to most homes. He would be okay as an only dog, but would probably prefer a mellow canine companion. He is very gentle, thus would likely be okay with kids. We have no idea about felines, as he has not met any who cared to meet him.