August 6, 2017:

Foster was adopted by a wonderful, active family who had recently lost one golden, and were looking for another to fill the void he had left in their hearts and lives. Foster now has a new mom and dad, a golden pal, and will never be neglected again!

Foster’ Rescue Journey: Intercepted as he was being relinquished to the local animal shelter, Foster went home with a good Samaritan, malnourished and severely underweight. Only wanting to save him from an uncertain fate, she had neither the time nor the financial resources to take on another dog, so she turned to us for help.

At 4 years old, Foster looked and acted much younger, and had not been introduced to many dogs; he had very poor doggie etiquette. Additionally, he was starved, both emotionally and physically, with hip bones and rib cage clearly visible. He went to live with a fabulous foster mom, who quickly set about putting some much-needed weight on him; introducing him to many new situations, new dogs, both at work where canines are welcome, as well as in more social situations on the evenings and weekends. In no time at all, Foster began to thrive.