July 21, 2017:

Frannie has found her forever home with a long time golden parent and lover and mom of 14 golden retrievers over her lifetime! Most recently adopting SCGRR Nikki, another senior, then lost her after only three months due a major seizure. Poor Libby, also 12, was very lonely as she had never been a singleton. The girls are now the best of friends and keep their mom laughing with their antics!

Frannie’s Journey: Frannie came to us as an owner turn in, as health issue forced her lifetime family to give her up. The cutest petite little sugar face you could ever want to meet, she was a little depressed when she first came to us, confused and sad. Her prior owner said she was very low energy, and not much interested in other dogs or playing. She went to live with fabulous seasoned foster parents, and their perfect gentleman of a pup, 12 y/o Pohono. Bianca ignored Pohono for the first few days, but as most do, she began to come out of her little depressed shell, and her inner puppy came out. A total tennis ball freak, she played non-stop, and spent a good deal of time trying to entice him to play too, tiring him completely out!