Meet Fred Astaire and his new Family!

Meet Fred. He has been with us for a while, classic tale of car vs. Golden Retriever. Fred needed surgical repair for the severe break to leg. Lots of rest, love, and attention paved his road to recovery and now Mr. Astaire is ready to find his forever home.

Whatever his background, from the moment he arrived in foster he craved human companionship. Initially his separation anxiety was unbearable but he has now adjusted and is fine when left alone in the home for a few hours. He is just a big, sweet, loveable goof. Fred does well with other dogs but is not looking for a playmate, he wants a human best friend, and one that is around most of the time. He is a mellow guy, Velcro, housebroken and uses the dog door, great with kids, loves to snuggle on the sofa and sleep with his people.

He has a pretty high prey drive and loves to chase lizards and squirrels so no cats please. Fred’s rehabilitation limited his mobility for a long time so now that he is going for walks he is learning leash manners with noticeable improvement. He still has a way to go but he is smart and just wants to please.

Fred Astaire found his new forever home!