Meet Galway!

Meet Galway. Only 8 months old, and already this poor boy has had a lot of changes in his short life. He was relinquished to us due his prior owners health, and went to his first foster for a few days. While there, her grandma died and she needed to leave town, and he was moved to yet another foster. We hope his next move will be his last one.
Galway is a very lovable pup, full of beans, but generally well-behaved, and able to chill nicely with his human once he gets some of those beans out. He has lots of other puppy behaviors-nabbing socks, drinking out of the toilet, trash diving, remote stealing…shall I go on? Usually a good firm no will deter him from wrapping his mouth around it, but once in, game on! A good game of chase NEVER gets old, ha! I did mention he was a puppy, right? He is very dog friendly but can be somewhat shy and submissive to big dogs, and will flip over on to his back and dribble a little on himself, ditto when he gets excited meeting new people. He loves walks, runs, and hikes, and playing fetch( doesn’t have the return down yet-that falls in to the chase game right now) or tug of war. He is very good on a leash with a harness, and will sit nicely while you put it on him. He does require some encouragement at times when walking , as he likes to top and “smell the roses”. At times, he will stop and lay down completely, requiring encouragement (treats) to continue walking. He doesn’t pull or chase if he sees a squirrel or rabbit, but does fixate on them. As a matter of fact, he is currently living with a bunny-he was super interested in him as soon as he met him, and followed him around barking, til the bunny lunged at him (he’s a brave bunny) and that took care of that-he now has a healthy respect for rabbits.
Galway loves to play with toys, particularly soft, squeaky ones, which he decimates in no time. He is potty trained, and generally good house manners for such a young boy. He was crate trained but hates it, and his foster mom leaves him in an enclosed room when she has to go out for a few hours. He will whine and bark a little when he sees her leaving, but eventually settles down. He also knows basic commands. He does very well out in public, such as restaurants, and will lay down quietly while people eat-he loves being part of the pack and included in the action. One thing he does need encouragement for is baths-not a fan. He has learned to get in to the tub for a bath, but only if you get in with him. My thoughts are he might not be a water dog.
Galway is a young boy, who has gone through way too many changes in his young life. We would like to place him in a home where someone is around much, if not all of the time-he is too young to be left alone all day. An active family, who will include him in everything they do, as he loves being in on the action, Another dog would be big plus- he could use the companionship, and he loves other dogs. Bunnies fine, and likely cats as well if a rabbit could put him in his place, ha!
If you have submitted your on line application, and have already had your home interview, please contact Galway’s rep at

At 8 months of age, the minimum adoption fee is $600.

Galway’s ID # 4865
Video of Galway