I am about to turn ONE!!!!! I had hoped I’d get a party, but the last two weeks has been one continuous party because before coming into rescue I was kept in a crate all my life.

Everything is new! Everything is shiny! And, everything is mine!

I am a 75lb puppy so I run a lot faster than those cute 15lb fluffballs you think of when I say the word puppy! My foster mum says she is going to use my tail for a duster around the house since it’s always wagging so hard.

Here is what I have done since escaping the crate: I met other dogs, my foster mum has 2 girls and 1 boy. One of the girls is old so she just rolls her eyes and ignores me, the other one thinks I’m a big twit so she tells me off any chance she can get and boy does she get upset if I try to mount her! I’m just playing! I don’t even think she’s that cute.

My foster brother is 9 months old and my new best friend, we play and play and run and pant and chew and run and laugh and play – he has no problem when I mount him – it must just be a girl thing!

My foster mum took me to a swimming pool. While I didn’t actually swim, I did splash and play in the water and I really liked it! When I have more time I’m sure I’ll like swimming. There’s was lots of other dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colours at the public pool and I got along with all of them. There were little people there too and I liked them as well, but I couldn’t hang around long when they called me or wanted me to sit still to be petted because there were way too many other new things to see! Only so much time in the day!

I eat my dinner and drink water like I do everything – at a thousand miles per hour and very messily, I’ll also eat everyone else’s dinner if they aren’t quick enough.

I’ve been in a car – I don’t mind it at all, though I won’t lie down cos there’s too much to see flying past the window!

Socks are cool, and shoes are quite tasty. If you leave them out I think they’re mine, though my foster mum has taught me “leave it” and I learn as fast as I do everything which she thinks is great!

There’s this thing they put around my neck, and then attach a long thing to, then they pull on it when we go for a walk. What is that all about? I think it’s a game to see who can pull the hardest..so far, I’m winning.

It has been an amazing two weeks so far – I am SO happy to not be in a crate. I know sit and I do it whenever I am asked. My foster mum tells me I have ADD which I think means charm and wonderful looks.

Oh, those little people? If you let me, I’ll use the really little ones as bowling pins and I’ll be the ball…so, bigger little people would be better.

Last and most important thing, I’ve learned love. Love is the best. Pets, kisses, cuddles, hugs, sweet words – that’s the best thing about escaping the crate!! OK GOTTA GO!!!