Meet Gavin, a very handsome, sweet and happy guy.

When he came to us from a local shelter he was shaved from neck to tail, presumably due to his allergies. He has been allergy tested and given allergy shots and medication and his fur has all grown back. He will need a continued regimen of maintenance medication and weekly bathing to keep him feeling his best.

Gavin has good energy, loves is daily walk and is a true Velcro dog, staying faithfully at your side every moment you’re around. He loves his foster brother and their favorite games are tackle and playing ball. Gavin might do well as only dog too, but either way he would want someone around most of the time.

He has not been kid tested and is ever so slightly mouthy when he is excited. Otherwise he is very gentle. Children over 9 should be fine.

Gavin is eager to please and would do well with some positive training as he has a habit of lunging and barking at other dogs passing by. He also has a high prey drive so a home without cats would probably be best. As long as he has toys of his own he leaves is foster family’s belongings alone, except for the occasional sock that his left out, so it would be good to keep those put away.

Gavin is not food aggressive and does not counter surf. He knows how to use the doggie door, doesn’t bark much or demand too much attention and will make a loving and loyal furever companion.