Meet Genius and his new Family!

Genius has a wonderful zen personality. He is affectionate and quite appreciative of being loved on, but he is more the strong, silent type. His fosters have told me that he is potty-trained, leaves their belongings intact and has good house manners. Genius is very good with little dogs. He sometimes tries to dominate other males his own size, but will stop when they warn him off. We think he is fine for children over 10.

We do not know about cats. Genius had to have a puppy cut because his beautiful, wavy fur was so matted. When it grows back, he will have a magnificent coat once again. Genius would like a lot of human interaction in his forever home, but he can be left to his own devises for a few hours here and there. Everyone who meets this handsome boy with the lovely brown eyes becomes smitten.

Genius found his new forever home!