Georgina – Adopted!

Meet Georgina! She came into rescue after being found as a stray wandering the streets of Los Angeles. She had recently been spayed so she may have been someone’s pet and got out. But when no one came to claim her at the shelter, she was lovingly rescued by a wonderful volunteer at SCGRR. When she first arrived at her foster home, she was very skittish and timid. She was clearly anxious of her new surroundings and wondering where the heck she was. But that didn’t stop her from wanting to be in your lap. Her anxiety eventually went away but her desire to be in your lap is with her for good! She loves to wake you up in the morning by jumping up on top of you in bed and giving loads and loads of kisses. She is a seriously Velcro Golden who adores being showered with love and attention.

It took Georgina a while to want to play with the two resident Goldens. Though very young, she likely did not have much playtime experience. Once she realized how fun a good wrestling match or a game of tug-of-war could be, she now happily plays until exhaustion sets in. She sleeps very well but she is always aware of you possibly leaving the room and will wake up from a deep slumber to follow you around-totally velcro, wanting to be with you around the clock. She does like to nap on the furniture, however, so if you don’t want a dog on your couch, she is probably not the girl for you.

Georgina is very mellow for such a young pup. She is very even-tempered and is respectful of her foster brother and sister’s food and toys. She seems to get along great with everyone she meets. She loves to walk around with a squeaky ball in her mouth. And she makes a funny “howl” when she wants to play. She does not play very rough, however, and will happily play ball by herself if her foster brother and sister get into a rough play session -she is very easy to please.

She can get into some mischief when left alone. If the pantry door is accidentally left open (and it often is), she will gladly seize the opportunity to have a snack or two (or a whole bag of dog treats!). She is quite petite but that doesn’t stop her from successfully counter surfing-to date she has enjoyed an entire container of parmesan cheese, as well as a lovely plate of french toast, along with the entire bowl of powdered sugar. She has also gone through quite a few sponges from the kitchen sink. Who knew a sponge was so fun to chew? She also likes to get into the laundry and carry socks around with her. She is still a puppy, after all, so she will need to learn her house manners.

Georgina has become quite the water dog. She didn’t seem to care much about the pool when she arrived at her foster home-she likely had never seen one. But once she had her first swim lesson, she now wants to go for a daily swim, so a home with a pool, lake, or even better, a beach, is on her wish list. She loves to be dried off after a good swim session. She loves any opportunity to be pet and loved.

She does not like to get into a car. You need to physically lift her resistant little body in. But once she is on a ride, she enjoys the car and is just happy to be with you.

She is potty trained and knows to go outside but she can be very stubborn about it. First off, she needs to trust you in order for her to go. Sometimes it takes her a while to go because she needs to be sure you won’t walk away and leave her outside by herself. Once she establishes trust, she will do her business, but you will need to work on getting her to go on command. She has had a few accidents indoors because she just doesn’t want to leave your side, so it is important to take her outside and insist that she goes.

Georgina is a good eater! She has a very petite frame and is a bit underweight at this time, but she loves her food and adores any kind of treat. She has not been around any young kids but we believe it’s safe to assume she will adore kids of any age. She is happy to be the center of attention with the teens and their friends in her foster home. Everyone that meets her falls in love with this sweet girl! While she does not absolutely need the companionship of another canine, this would be a plus for her. Due to her still being a puppy, a human who is around most if not all of the day is a not a plus, but a must for her.

Georgina is a wonderful companion and would love to become part of your family. She loves to play, swim and lay next to you for some affection.