For those of you that have been following Giley on Facebook, welcome to his web debut!

Legend has it that Giley was found in Gilbert Lindsay Park after being hit by a car and was taken to the shelter where he waited for his owner to find him. SCGRRescue intervened and took him to the Animal Hospital so he could receive proper medical care on a Good Samaritan basis while waiting for his owners to discover him but no one came. This is where Giley’s journey with SCGRR began. His body may have been battered and broken, but not his spirit.

Giley rallied through hip surgery and an extended stint in foster care where he received massages, water therapy twice a week, and lots of TLC. Giley’s rehabilitation started with walking on the water treadmill then graduated to swimming (aided by a life vest) twice a week. He tolerated the pool but is not a fan of the water and not a very good swimmer. He is now out of the water but his rehabilitation continues as he enjoys his daily neighborhood walks.

Initially timid, Giley has blossomed into a secure and loving golden now ready for his forever home. Yes, he still wobbles a bit when he walks but is weight bearing and enjoying daily walks lasting about 30 minutes. With time and continuous monitored exercise his hip will get stronger. He romps and plays but also self regulates his activity. If he over does it, he will be sore but knows that rest will heal the aches and is up and ready to go again the next day.

Giley is looking for a forever family that will provide love, companionship, and dedication to his full recovery. This would include daily neighborhood walks and a healthy diet. He does not require any medication. Attention starved when he came into rescue, he has bonded with his foster mom so we would like to place him in a home where he has companionship during the day. He gets along great with other dogs he has met on brief outings and loves his golden foster sisters but truly is a mama’s boy. Giley is great with kids but has not been tested with cats. He is curious about critters, but not fast enough to chase anyone out of the garden.

Giley is housebroken, loves to sleep with his people, snuggle and be underfoot, has no resource issues, loves car rides, very smart but knows no commands, and his leash manners are iffy. Technically, a work in progress.