Gina – Adopted!

This is Gina. Gina was one of our dogs that came to us via Taiwan a few years back. She was adopted but due to family hardship she was recently returned back to rescue.

Gina is what might be called a large and lovely girl. She is in a wonderful foster home  where she is fed a sensible diet and goes on golden pack walks (six in all, including Gina, a sight to behold!) and due this is already down to 92 lbs. But she still has a long way to go to reclaim her svelte girlish figure. Gina also has some allergies and tends to lick her paws and has some teary eyes but a dose of allergy medications has slowed both of these issues She also has some very mild cataracts, and a little arthritis but the continued weight loss regimen will go a long ways towards alleviating much of her discomfort. Despite these issues you will never meet a sweeter or happier dog.

Gina is fully house trained and has impeccable manners. She is happy to be in whatever room her people are in and just be a part of the family. She is great on a leash, doesn’t bark and loves car rides. She loves to go on her walk, and will chase a ball but always bringing it back-not so much. Her enthusiasm and willingness to play will also help with the weight loss.

Gina is a social butterfly-she wants to meet everyone she encounters on her walks, is great with kids as well as other dogs and cats. She has not chewed, dug or demonstrated any bad habits that her foster family has observed. If left alone in the house she just seeks out a good spot for a snooze and waits for her people to return. Her foster family cannot believe how quickly she has blended into their family and their routine. She is such a wonderful girl and will make a great addition to just about any family.