Meet Gingee! Adoption Pending


Please meet Gingee, again! When we first posted her bio, she was quiet, sleepy and slow. We think she’s finally feeling comfortable in her surroundings as her personality is coming out. She could double as “The Princess and the Pea” as she prefers to nap on 3 pillows atop your couch.

Gingee LOVES her walks and can keep going, and going and going. Albeit slowly, she still keeps GOING! So her new family must love to go on slow, long walks. She also likes car rides. And is really friendly with all she meets on the street.

Gingee likes other dogs, but primarily to sniff them and continue on. She’ll coexist with another pup just fine. Young bouncy ones kinda scare her. Slow older ones she’ll warm up to.

As we think she’s about 13 yrs old, you’d expect some hip issues. Not so much really, as Ginger can do carpeted stairs really well.  She likes to “wrestle” as in jumping and biting at your hands or a pull toy; and having you rub her all over as she wiggles around on her back.

She’s quite FLUFFY – more like an Angora Rabbit vs a Golden Retriever. Soft, gentle brushings are a must.  Gingee doesn’t really like her nails trimmed or paws touched, but stick a piece of chicken in her mouth, and she’ll be ok. Or, take her to a professional, patient groomer you trust 😊

Ginger has had a senior blood panel and all looks good. She is up to date on all vaccines, chipped and settling into her foster home. Gingee is house trained, but she just needs to go more frequently (like most of us old people)

If you would like to give Ginger a soft place to land and have a fabulously sweet companion by your side, please contact her rep with at

Gingee’s adoption fee is $300.  

Gingee’s ID # 4084